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Disclaimer and other notes:

In normal river conditions the following estimated transit times are used for establishing dispatched orders: Ambrose to Yonkers 4 hours, Stapleton Anchorage to Yonkers 2 hours, Port Newark to Yonkers 3 hours, Yonkers to Norrie Point 6 hours, Norrie to Coeymans 6 hours, and Norrie to Albany 7 hours.

The following are guidelines for vessel daylight restrictions north of Cementon, NY, which are to be used only as a reference in establishing job orders: Arrival at berths 3 hours after sunrise up to Sunset. Departures from Port of Albany and Rensselaer- 3 hours before sunset, PAV and Buckeye -3.5 hours before sunset, and Glenmont - 4 hours before sunset. Coeymans Departures which require turning in Albany may depart- 5 hours before sunset. Departures for Coeymans which do not need to transit to Albany for turning may depart - 3 hours before sunset.